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Marvel Slots Gave Up The Ghost

The fairy tale called Marvel games has just ended. On April 1 the world’s top software developer Playtech removed all Marvel slots from their casinos online. Everyone all around thinks it’s a terrible loss. The first Marvel slots, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk, appeared at online Playtech casinos in 2009. They became an instant hit

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Four online gambling myths… debunked!

Like with everything on the internet, there are plenty of myths and rumors circulating about online gambling and online casinos. Covering everything from rigging conspiracies to security flaws and withheld winnings, a lot of these stories couldn’t be further from the truth, but still continue to exist online, and can play a major part in

Gambling – facts that you didn’t lnow

A short history of online gambling

Some countries are bigger fans of gambling, others have banned it or restricted it to a few locations: the trip from Moscow, if you were thinking a few cheeky penny slots in Vladivostok, is for sure not worth it, with midday traffic and insane petrol costs. Taking things online really helped, making things a lot

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Mobile Casinos UK – Gambling Commission of recommendations

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) was set up to advise the government on the country’s gambling policy. According to an article by Online Casino Reports, the Commission is currently set to give recommendations about online gambling that would go against the government’s current policy. If implemented, these recommendations could significantly change the UK gambling sites

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The psychology of the roulette wheel

From a psychological perspective, roulette is a truly fascinating game. Whether you prefer to participate by gambling online or attending a physical casino, the bets you place in a game of roulette say a lot about you. We’ve compiled a list of roulette bets and the psychological characteristics of the gamblers who place them! 1.

NetBet online casino

Best Microgaming casinos around the world

Since late 2008, online casinos that base their platform on Microgaming software have refused to accept new players in the USA. Even players with existing accounts were barred from paying from 2010. The primary motive behind this decision was said to be the confusion around anti-gaming law in the USA, and the varying interpretations of

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How to play Baccarat? – 5 tips for playing online baccarat!

Though it may not be a household name like blackjack or poker, baccarat is becoming more and more popular amongst online players. The best online casino will always have a few tables going, usually provided by microgaming, and these are increasingly some of the busiest around. If you want to join in, this guide will

UK online casinos

Microgaming Online Casinos in United Kingdom

If you spend any amount of time in online casinos these days, you will probably notice that more and more video slot games are appearing that are based on your favourite TV shows. Movie-based slots have been around for a while, but TV shows are becoming more and more fashionable for the next big online