From a psychological perspective, roulette is a truly fascinating game. Whether you prefer to participate by gambling online or attending a physical casino, the bets you place in a game of roulette say a lot about you. We’ve compiled a list of roulette bets and the psychological characteristics of the gamblers who place them!

Roulettewheel place bet correctly

1. Straight-up bets

Because the odds of a roulette wheel landing on any particular number are small, bets on individual numbers have a low chance of succeeding but offer massive payouts. As such, it’s not surprising that the gamblers who make these bets are thrill-seekers and risk-takers. They gamble to feel the ‘rush’ of risking their money and potentially winning big. In short, gamblers who bet on specific numbers tend to be adventurous wildcards.

2. Street bets, corner bets, line bets and split bets

Street bets, corner bets, line bets and split bets all allow gamblers to place bets on small groups of numbers. These bets are still fairly high-risk, but not as high-risk as straight-up bets. Gamblers who place these bets are somewhat adventurous, but they also want to give themselves the best chance of winning. As such, they tend to be focused but also fun-loving: they’re playing to win, but they also want to feel the thrill associated with risk.

3. Column bets, dozen bets, high/low bets, odd/even bets and colour bets

The lower-risk bets tend to attract more methodical gamblers. After all, it’s easier to build systems that give you an advantage around bets that have a high chance of paying out. The gamblers who favour these bets are cautious strategists: they’re interested in being able to win reliably, not through large, one-off payouts.

4. Differing bets

Gamblers who place various different types of bet throughout the course of a game are experimental and fun-loving. Rather than rigidly devoting themselves to a specific strategy or style of play, they rely on intuition and place whatever bets they feel like. In other words, they’re completely free-spirited.

Of course, there’s still one question left to answer: which category do you fall into?